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Super Simple Weight Loss

The program is simple, drink 1 to 2 smoothies a day to replace your normal meals using these natural foods.

Do not let this simple program fool you, it is very powerful!

Super Simple Smoothies are simple to make and taste great! Follow the steps below to find out for yourself!

Start you off with the greens =).

Put 1/2 head Romaine lettuce (6 oz) in your blender. 29 calories

I chose Romaine as a great base ingredient because it gives the most nutrients for the buck.

Of course all of the lettuces are wonderful and I recommend you trying them all! Romaine, Butter head, see full list here.




Next add 1/4 of a whole Pineapple (8 oz). 113 calories

Did you know that your taste buds are dominated by mostly sweet and sour?

Pineapples are a perfect mix of sweet and sour! Coincidence?

View other Acid-Fruits here.

Next add 3 Bananas (12 oz). 303 calories

Bananas are considered by many to be 'Natures Perfect Food'.

Bananas make Super Simple Smoothies really creamy!

View other Sweet Fruits here.



Adding a cup (6 oz) of your favorite fruit gives it that special flavor that you love, along with added calories and variety.  Also adding 1 cup of water gives it more of a juice feel that some prefer.

Blend everything until smooth and enjoy!

Total Calories: 445 calories (base) + your favorite fruit calories

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Too Simple?
Then why not try drinking Super Simple Smoothies for 3-Days! Check out the 3-Day Super Simple Smoothie Challenge!

The 3-Day Challenge Kit includes everything you need to set a goal weight and achieve it!