3 Day Challenge


On Your Mark

Your road to success starts here!

The challenge is simple:

Drink 3 smoothies a day for 3 days. Are you game?

The first thing you will want to do is plan out your 3 days worth of smoothies using natural foods.

You can use the recipes found here if you need help.

Get Set

Make your shopping list and go to your local farmers market or grocery store.





Make all your smoothies at one time, this will allow you to just grab your meals and go. Smoothies last up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator when properly stored.
That's It!
Once the challenge is over it is my hope that you continue having 1 to 2 smoothies daily while enjoying a low fat whole food plant based diet. May you live a long and happy life.

If you would like step by step instructions check out the Challenge Kit below!

Challenge Kit

The Challenge Kit has everything you need to determine your goal weight and how to get to it.


The Kit Includes:

Goal Weight Calculator

Calorie Estimator

3-Day Planner

Shopping List


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  1. Hello Charley.

    Thank you for your weight loss suggestion. You make it sound so simple and easy to do. I sure will be trying it. Most people who write about weight loss never give simple solutions. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pen Cherry

    1. Thank you for the comment. Super Simple Smoothies are just that…Simple! I hope you enjoy them. Please come back and let everyone know what you think of the smoothies! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am so excited that you are taking the challenge! I do it all the time! lol! Please come back and tell us your experience! Thanks!

  2. Hi Charley,

    Your site is fab, I really love it! Is that your kid starring in your video? Nice touch, I thought it was great. So this 3 day challenge means only 3 smoothies a day, no food? I’m starving already, but I think it sounds like a great idea. I like that you could use a regular blender to make the smoothies, and don’t have to spend money on juicers and other expensive equipment. I’m sure I would feel 100x better after accepting the challenge, but do I have the guts??

    1. Hi Hindy,
      Yes the star of the show is my 11 year old son Colin. The smoothies are actually food blended up. So if you want you can just eat the food. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Also if you drink 3 smoothies and you are still hungry, drink another smoothie. I encourage everyone to eat more of good food if they are hungry because when you give you body what it needs it doesn’t stay hungry all the time. My 3-day challenge kit is really useful for figuring out your calorie requirements and helping you transition into a more healthy eating style.

      My main goal overall is to just get you to try a smoothie. So could we maybe start with you trying your favorite looking recipe and then come back and tell us how terrible it was, and how hard it was to make?

    1. That is so awesome Vivia! I hope you come back and share your experience with us. I would love to have your testimonial!

  3. The plan is simple.. I like simple.

    Are there any potential negative side effects to drinking so many smoothies in 3 days or is it similar to a cleanse, as if juicing?

    Looking forward to hearing back.


    1. Hi Dylan, all the food on my site is our natural food which we were designed to eat. Knowing that, let me ask you the same question: Do you think we should have negative side effects from eating our natural foods?

      Please do not mistake this for a cleanse. Cleanses are like cleaning your car with a power washer. Yes it cleans the car really nice but then you drive straight into a mud puddle when your done (go back to the old way of eating).

      Juicing is something else I do not recommend. When we juice a fruit we are removing the fiber which is essential for proper digestion. Our foods are already in their perfect forms. I suggest smoothies because it offers convenience with minimum processing of the food but everything is still there and alive!

      Here are a few of the side effects I do get when I do a 3 day smoothie challenge: massive amounts of energy, weight loss, vibrant skin, healthy attitude, ailments start improving or disappear. I could spend quite a lot of time with this list but I think you get the idea.

      Please try a smoothie and come back and tell us what you think!

  4. It is really exciting to find information provided in a pleasant and inviting manner and provided by a trained person who is teaching such tremendously needed information. One day most people will get that our body only what we provide it to work with to build all of these new cells and tissues we want and need. Congratulations on your progress. Your knowledge and information will be a huge asset to the public.

    1. Hi Gloria, thank you for the comment, sorry it took so long to reply. Mangoes make the smoothie really creamy and can provide the calories as well as Bananas which make them a great substitute!

  5. Very good stuff and thank you for your recipe I might have to try it out as I know I have been using the wrong ingredients thanks again.

  6. Iโ€™m definitely going to give this a try. By the way, you mentioned โ€œhaving 1 to 2 smoothies dailyโ€, can I drink different types of smoothies a day? Or does it have to be the same smoothie?

    Since itโ€™s a 3 day challenge, which one do you recommend: eating the same smoothie every day or a different smoothie every day?

    1. I have a smoothie for breakfast and then another for lunch. It really doesn’t matter which smoothies you drink just as long as you like them. I have been drinking nothing but smoothies for the past 18 days. I am drinking 4 smoothies a day, 3 are the same everyday and I mix in one different one each day.

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