Challenge Kit

Let's set a goal and go for it!

The Kit Includes:

Goal Weight Calculator - Goals are great to have because they give you something to measure progress against and require changes to help them to flourish. What better way to determine your progress than by how great you feel!

Calorie Estimator - To get you on the right path you will determine your Daily Calories and adjust your Smoothies Calories to help you reach your goal!

3-Day Planner - Once you have determined you Goal Weight, your Daily Calories and your Smoothie Calories you are ready to put together your 3-Day Plan. This useful guide makes it easy to plan out your smoothie ingredients for 3 days all on a simple form. Adaptable for 3 or 4 smoothie a day diets. 

Shopping List - All the Recommended Foods on a handy shopping list. 

Examples - Full of examples to help answer any questions you might have.

You can do it!

                When you give your body what it needs it:

                                    Stops storing fuel (fat)

                                    Stops craving bad food

                                    Repairs ailments and cures diseases

                                    Thrives instead of survives!

Immediate Download for just $9.99! 

Goal Weight Calculator

Calorie Estimator

3-Day Planner

Shopping List