Are you tired of being sick and tired?

I was too! Hi, my name is Charley Crowe and like many of you I found myself in my 40's and full of disease. I spent years searching for the answer to this question, "What are human beings supposed to eat?". Finally after 4 years I found the answer, Fruits and Tender Leafy Greens!

Although the answer is simple, eating this way is very difficult. Why? It goes against everything that we have been taught in our society. Companies spend millions trying to get us addicted to their food and the companies who do understand how important our natural foods are to us make it so expensive that only the rich can afford it.

I have created this site to show you how delicious, convenient and inexpensive it can be to eat healthy. Currently (2015) I can make a base smoothie for around $1.80 and usually adding another cup of a frozen fruit adds about a dollar to the cost. So technically you could eat really healthy for around $6 to $12 a day!

I hope by following this simple program that you become free of all your ailments and excess weight and you live the life that you always dreamed of!

All the Best,

Charley Crowe

Charley Crowe

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The certificate program is a excellent course I recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about our natural foods. 


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Dr. McDougalls' program is excellent as your meal for the day if you are not quite sure you can give up the cooked food. 2 to 3 smoothies during the day along with a McDougall dinner and you are good to go!

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