What is Cancer?

Recently I was chastised for responding to a Facebook post about cancer. I just explained what Cancer was and how we get it and a couple of ladies got really offended saying that I was suggesting that it was their fault. I hate to see their reactions when they find out what the doctors intend to do to cure it.


The fact they didn't even know how they got Cancer is the real concern here. I am betting that most people don't know how we get Cancer let alone what Cancer is.

So what is Cancer?

I am a very simple man and I like to understand things in a simple way so here is my definition of Cancer and how we get it along with a simple solution.

Cancer is a natural part of our biological makeup. Everyone has Cancer cells in their bodies. Cancer cells play a vital part of breaking down our bodies after we die, turning us back into dirt.

The problem: They get called into action before we are dead. Why? Because we are creating an environment inside our bodies where Cancer cells thrive! They actually think we are dead and start going to work. This is why 1 in 3 Americans get Cancer! We all eat dead food!

Dead Food = Dead You!

When you eat dead, cooked food you are actually creating an environment that invites your Cancer cells to go to work.

The solution: Eat fresh, organic, living, natural human food! Simple!

Here are 3 books all of which I own and have read and followed thoroughly. They are all very well written and all of them address our biggest concerns. The Starch Solution and the Engine 2 Diets are great transitional diets that will eventually get you to the best known human diet which is explained in the 80/10/10 diet.  

7 Comments on “What is Cancer?

  1. Hi. There is nothing wrong on highlighting and raising awareness about changing our eating habits in order to lower the risk of cancer, it is a hot topic but I give you credit for doing it.

  2. I’m not entirely sure you are correct. It is an interesting view you have. Perhaps it’s how we process foods not the foods themselves. I believe that your answer however is not the whole answer. Glad you took the time the write it. It certainly will get people thinking.

    1. Thank you for the comment Robert. This is something you definitely need to come to your own conclusion on. I study nutrition everyday and everything that I have come across points to the conclusions I have shared in this article. For example I just look at the populations in the world that don’t eat a lot of dead food and you find healthy, vibrant, long living people. Their cancer rates are 1 in 100,000. It’s really hard to argue the data, when we have cancer rates of 1 in 3 in America.

      Glad I sparked your interest and wish you all the best.

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