Does Fruit Raise Blood Sugar?


There is a lot of concern when it comes to enjoying smoothies when your someone who monitors their blood sugar. One of the first questions I usually get is ‘Does fruit raise blood sugar?’.

The answer, yes and no. Here’s why:

If you are a healthy individual eating a natural low-fat diet then eating fruit will not create high blood sugar. The fruit enters the system quickly and leaves quickly which is perfect for us humans.

If you are eating a high fat diet then the fat sticks to the sugar holding it in the bloodstream longer instead of being taken up by the cells. This causes the sugar levels to stay elevated for longer periods of time, which contributes to problems with Candida, and diseases like Diabetes.


Glycemic Load of Fruits

Most have heard of the glycemic index and if you haven’t, it ranks how fast sugar enters the blood. However it doesn’t account for the amount of carbohydrate, just the rate of entry. The glycemic load uses the glycemic index to better determine how much a food raises blood sugar.

Glycemic Load = (Glycemic Index Number x grams of carbs less fiber per serving )/ 100

For Example:

Bananas (118g) Glycemic load = 12

52 Glycemic Index x 24 grams of carbs/100

The reason for this is even though fruit has a high glycemic index the fruit is around 75% water. Most fruits have a low glycemic load, banana is actually one of the highest glycemic load fruits.

I would like to finish with a quote from the American Diabetes Association:

“There is no reason to recommend that people with diabetes avoid naturally occurring fructose in fruits, vegetables, and other foods.”

Please, if you have concerns, speak with a qualified physician who is properly trained in nutrition before making changes to your diet.

If you have already spoken to your doctor and your ready to go:

Start your 3-Day Challenge, click here to get started!

For more information about how fruits affect blood sugar and a  healthy human diet I recommend reading Dr. Grahams “The 80/10/10 Diet“.

9 Comments on “Does Fruit Raise Blood Sugar?

  1. Hello charley. Really interesting as i had this conversation with someone briefly this morning. It makes sense completely. If you keep your diet clean as possible the sugar enters and exits but fat makes it harder to exit. Very educational as a lot of people think just the sheer fact of eating fruit makes them healthy when depending on their daily diet it is making things much worst.

    Good topic

    1. Hi Stephen, thank you for the comment. I got to be honest, I don’t know everything and I learned a few things from writing this article too. Never stop learning. Thanks again!

  2. I have often wondered about Fruits and how that effects blood sugars as I have heard both sides. Now though I see the difference and how it is your overall diet that really is the determining factor. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  3. Hey Charley,

    What a short, sweet article. Even though I eat really healthy I have wondered about whether to not include as many fruits in my diet, worrying about the excess sugar. Really glad you clarified that for me, cause i love my fruit and didn’t want to have to cut any of it out. 🙂

    Thanks much

    1. Your very welcome Vivia!

      I find it interesting that we don’t have any problem eating the Standard American Diet but when we decide to eat our natural diet we ‘worry’. I guess the big companies accomplished their goal!

  4. hi Charlie
    I agree that fruits can certainly be consumed, possibly in moderation for some individuals but still. I did not know that fruits could raise one’s blood sugar levels if one has a high fat diet. That was interesting to find out. I have trained with a few trainers in my days, most of them recommending that I stay away from fruits, especially at night. I never did! Why? Because I love fruits and I do try to have a balanced diet. And if I want to have grapes or strawberries at night, I will….

    1. Hi Emily thanks for the comment. You know about 10 years ago when I was a trainer I would have told you the same thing but now I know better. If you were to eat my diet instead of drink it you would eat a large fruit dinner followed by a salad. Basically fruits first then the tender leafy greens. I think it is recommended this way so we get our calories but then we use the greens to clean the sugars from the teeth before resting.

      If you are still craving sweets after dinner then you didn’t eat enough fruit at dinner. I have to disagree with one thing mainstream when it comes to this type of fruit diet and that is the intervals of meals. I am huge fan of listening to my body, so far it has been right every single time! I find that I get hungry about 4 to 6 times a day depending on what I am doing. I eat when I am hungry, that’s my bodies cue that I need something. Mainstream is the 3 meals a day. Which, by the way was designed to feed inmates in prison. Ever wonder where ‘3 squares a day’ comes from? Its from their square meal trays!

      I have noticed that my last meal is usually within a couple hours of my bedtime (and I eat fruit). I am guessing since it is so easily digested that when its done it gets tired so it can truly rest.

      Oh one last thing, about the raising blood sugar in a high fat diet. Have you ever noticed how fat sticks to everything?

  5. I love bananas but do know that, especially if you have diabetes, they are the worst fruit to eat frequently. My doctor told me to eat more citrus than any other fruit, but obviously don’t go overboard.

    As for fat, boy is it unfortunate that it tastes so good, when properly cooked! So we limit ourselves with this and mostly eat chicken and fish with a daily level of accompanying fruit.
    I checked out the recipes and will be trying cherry today and henceforth be visiting your post for new ones.

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