How to Lose Belly Fat Fast with Diet and Exercise



So you want to get rid of that stomach fat fast? In this article I will show you how to lose belly fat fast with diet and exercise.

I know it doesn’t sound as glamorous as some exotic new pill from the la la land of medical weight loss where you don’t have to do any work and you can eat whatever you want.

But if you want to lose belly fat fast, there is no faster way that is safer than good nutrition and some good old exercise!

The most important thing you can do is change your diet!

girlEatingWatermelonWhat you put inside your mouth will be your greatest ally or greatest enemy in your quest to rid your gut of its excess padding.

I know you have heard of all kinds of diets and different terms for people who eat different foods IE Vegan, Vegetarian, Octo -etc, etc. Today I want to introduce you to a term you many not of heard of before;

Natural Hygienist

A natural hygienist is someone that believes that fasting, dieting and other lifestyle changes are all that is required to prevent and treat disease.

Let me explain it like this:

You get a cut. Do you make the skin grow back together? Nope, your body has a system in place that clots the blood to prevent you from loosing more. Then the blood hardens creating a protective coating we call a scab. After a few days/week the scab falls off and the repair has been done.

Doctors put band aids on the cuts and may even give you stitches to help hold the cut together but they do nothing to grow the skin back together, your body does that, your true doctor.

Now don’t get me wrong, you cut your arm off and your going to NEED a doctor. Doctors are essential for helping us heal correctly when it comes to injury but when it comes to being internally ill

there is no doctor in the world that can do what your body is capable of.

So if my body is capable of curing illness why doesn’t it?

Image that you are pushing a car. You are on a flat surface and even though the car is heavy you can push it and it will roll.

After you get rolling it is easier to keep rolling by continually applying a small amount of energy unlike the great surge of energy you needed to start the car rolling. This is what eating healthy and exercising represents. Takes a kick to get going in the right direction but its easier once you get started.

Now imagine one of your friends gets in the car. It starts to become harder to push. Maybe you can still push it, maybe it gets to be to much and you have to slow down. Another friend gets in, now you might have to stop. Your friends think its funny and start the car and put in reverse! Now no matter how hard you push the car continues to move backwards!

In this example you are your bodies desire to be the best it can be. The car is your body that you are trying to push forward (the further forward you can push it the longer you live). Your friends represent things you shouldn’t put in your body. Going in reverse is getting fat/sick and dying early caused by eating things that are not our food (too many friends in the car).

When your car is moving forward your body is running optimally. Although sickness may still occur it will be sparse and usually will not last long because your body will be better prepared to deal with it.

The reason that we get sick today for the most part in our society is simply from what we put in our mouths. The diseases of today were virtually non-existent before the industrial age.

When you put real food in your body you get real results!

Have you ever heard of eating clean? A lot of athletes are known to eat clean before a big event.

Why do you think they do that?

Its because they know that their performance will be hindered if they do not eat well.


Well the same goes for you. Eating healthy natural food allows your body to perform at its best even if your not a athlete.

Your body is constantly trying to be the best it can be.

The further away from true health that you are the faster your body brings you back into shape.

The closer you get to being as healthy as you can be the slower the changes.

This is why people who are obese can loose a lot of weight quickly while it takes forever to get rid of that half pound of fat hanging onto your belly. When you are in great danger your body works quickly to save your life. The half pound of fat is a healthy reserve and your body doesn’t see it as life threatening as obesity.

So to lose belly fat fast…

Stop eating the fat.

Eat Tender Leafy Greens and Fruits

and then…


What do you think of when you hear the word exercise?


I’m guessing that whatever it is your probably not doing it.

Why do you think that is?

If you think of doing something unpleasant for exercise then where is the motivation in doing it? Does the thought of going to the gym make you feel ill? Then why do it?

Here is a new idea!

Do something physical that you enjoy doing!

If you enjoy doing something your more likely to do it.

How to know when to exercise?

Are you ready for the answer? Wait for it….the answer is….When you feel like it!

Yep that’s right. If you are eating healthy you are going to start dropping weight without doing anything. I personally try to help people to eat correctly first before we ever start talking about exercising.

If you are not eating correctly, and  you exercise regularly you are actually giving yourself a double whammy! First you eat something bad which your body has to fight and then on top of that you bombard your body with a workout that it must recover from! Ouch!

When you start eating healthy you are going to start feeling like exercising. This is your cue!

The best exercise?

The one that you will do! But if I had to actually mention a couple of exercises I would say rebounding (jumping on a trampoline). Its fun, safe and wears you out because it engages your whole body. Here is a nice size trampoline from Amazon that has an assist bar for a reasonable price.

The next exercise I recommend is any body weight exercise. Push ups, sit-ups, bridges, etc.

YinYangI would also highly recommend Tai Chi. Tai Chi is sneaky, you don’t really feel like you are doing anything and then the next day you wake up and your arms hurt. They hurt because you were holding them in the air for half an hour but because this is not a exercise that we are used to we didn’t really realize that we were exercising! Love it!

So let’s wrap this up!

To lose belly fat fast eat healthy foods like tender leafy greens and fruits. I have a free weight loss program here that can guide you.

Exercise when our bodies tell us its time and then do something you love to do!


15 Comments on “How to Lose Belly Fat Fast with Diet and Exercise

  1. I think it’s the sugar that makes us fat. We need fat in all it’s healthy forms. It’s not the fat that makes us fat it’s the sugar but that’s just my take. I have belly fat because my diet is trash. I’m a yo yo eater. It happens with age. At 59 I workout and then eat. A lot of the times not very good but it happens. More cardio.
    Have you ever heard of Tom Venuto? He has a great book and program for building muscle and losing fat. I’m too slack to follow it. I wish you the best of success my friend.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for the comment and the honesty 🙂 Sugar is some pretty bad stuff! Although sugar does turn to fat pretty fast there is still nothing faster at making us fat than fat. Why? Because its already fat! It doesn’t have to be turned into fat so it is stored much more easily. And that is the only reason.

      I really don’t like the way businesses target our children to get them to eat sugar. It’s the worst kind of child abuse I can think of, well that and giving children milk (other than their mothers).

      I have never hear of Tom Venuto, I know there are many people with excellent exercise programs. I always tell people if their exercise program is something you enjoy and want to do then go for it! I don’t think from your comment though that you have found your exercise yet.

      I know this isn’t the first conversation that we have had, but I am really starting to wonder if you just really wouldn’t enjoy one of my smoothies? I would love to hear your take on one of my recipes.

  2. I can really relate to what you said about doing the type of exercise you enjoy.
    I went to the gym for a few years, but I didn’t have the passion to do it. The results i had were quite poor, and I wasn’t getting the shape I wanted to.
    Last year I started bouldering, and the challenge in that sport just keeps me wanting to come back for more exercises, with greater intensity, which is great!

    1. Hi Ido!
      Thanks for leaving a comment! To be honest with you I had to look up bouldering (rock climbing). I think it is so cool that you found an exercise that you love and is challenging! We have a huge rock climbing facility close to where I live, I think I am going to take my kids there.

  3. Hi Charley, great post for so many reasons. My favourite one – your exercise advice. I’ve never heard anyone say to get your eating in order before you do any, and to exercise when you feel like it. Brilliant!! I was on the phone yesterday trying to reach one of the worst places I could go to – that’s right, the gym. Now I’m glad they never answered the phone. I’ve got all my fruits and lettuce for your weight loss smoothie, which will be for tomorrow, so looking forward to that, and I will stop looking at exercise as a chore (which it is) and convince myself of the benefits of doing what I love. Easy, simple, common sense plan.

    1. Hi Hindy!
      Thank you for the awesome comment! I think getting out and playing with the dogs would be a excellent and fun exercise! If I am not mistaken I believe it makes you feel like a kid again, am I right?

  4. Great article Charlie,

    I just signed up for a Tai Chi course which starts in January. I am so excited 🙂
    This article is great and has so many great points. I love healthy eating and exercise. Many people were astonished at how quickly I lost belly fat after having my two children, but all I did was eat healthy and exercise. Lots of yoga and pilates…they are my favourite.
    I can attest that putting the right things in your body does result in rare sickness. Both myself and my kids are super healthy.

    Much love,


    1. Are you by any chance doing the 30-day Tai Chi Challenge with David Dorian-Ross? I did his challenge last year and that is what got me hooked.

      I have to tell you about my Pilates/Yoga experience. I was a trainer at Gold’s Gym and they let us take the classes for free. I decided to drop in a class after work one day. It was an advance Pilates class. I did very well, the instructor had me in the front of the room demonstrating ball planks.

      Couple of days later I drop in another class, this time beginner Yoga. I thought this will be a breeze, after all I excelled at the Pilates class. Well was I wrong. About 20 minutes in I was pleading for the agony to end. I now hold a new respect for yoga. Very challenging!

  5. Hey Charlie,

    Well, now I know what I am – a Natural Hygienist!
    We have a Blendtec and it’s smoothie hour every day at our house.

    I’ve been living this lifestyle for decades and I’ve never been to a doctor. You want more proof?
    I’ve never had health insurance. Why not? Because my body does all my healing. Look at all the money I’ve saved.

    As for exercise, again I totally agree with you. My two favorite exercises are long walks, sometimes power walks, and swimming.
    Swimming exercises the entire body. and it’s fun. Keeps you cool in the summer. Heated pool in the winter, of course… .

    One other exercise I like is walking up stairs. I never take the elevator unless it’s absolutely necessary. Of course, walking down is easier, but you still get some exercise.

    Yeah Charlie, you got a good thing going with your blog!

  6. hi there!
    Love the analogy of the car! It makes perfect sense. I am someone who has always been active. Sometimes too much. But I do try to work out 5-6 days a week. it wakes me up in the morning and I try to vary the workouts that I do. From weight training to interval training or kickboxing. My strength has then grown in the past 10 years. But what also happened is a slower metabolism….Which tends to come with age. I am in my mid-thirties and I have definitively noticed that it is way harder to lose weight now! I cannot eat like I did when I was 25. I like my sugary treats and I know I need to cut back on those. But it is hard…One day at a time!

    1. Why not try a smoothie to cure your sweet tooth? Then you won’t have to feel guilty. Actually its hard to feel guilty when your feeling so good! 🙂

  7. This is a very interesting and helpful article. It always seems like it would be much healthier to eat food in its natural form rather than all the processed stuff on the shelves. We don’t even know what half of them ingredients do to our bodies. Stick to what the Earth provides us with.

    Thanks for the interesting and informative read.

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for the comments. Don’t you think its funny the things we will put in our mouths because somebody else said it was ok? I have a general rule that I would like to share with you. ‘If you don’t know what it is and you can’t pronounce it then you shouldn’t put it in your body’. I think its time that people stop taking advantage of other people because of their ignorance of nutrition. The number one killer in America.

  8. Hi, Charley your post on how to lose belly fat by diet and exercise is a great endeavor. Your projection of thoughts and ideas on how to treat our bodies by eating the right food is simple, but persuasive. Thanks for sharing your information in such a positive and clear message. I like your ideas for exercise also. The exercises are so simple yet they have tremendous results. You have persuaded me to live a cleaner life by eating the right food and exercising.

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