Are eggs bad for cholesterol?


Cholesterol is a fat, waxy like substance that is found in all the cells of your body. Your body already makes all the cholesterol that it needs to make vitamin D (actually a hormone) and support other dietary functions and when you put to much of it in your body your asking for trouble.


What are eggs known for? Being edible? Nope, they are known mostly for their high cholesterol content.


So are eggs bad for cholesterol? Well let me ask you? Your body makes all the cholesterol that it needs and has a hard time getting rid of the excess. In fact it causes cardiac diseases and ultimately leads to death. Do you think eating something that has a lot of cholesterol is good for you?


Today I would like to change the way you think about eggs!


Let's put aside all the research, the 'he said, she said' and think about eggs in terms of our natural diet. Let me first define our 'natural diet' as I see it. We were put on this earth naked and with not much else.


So imagine yourself with no tools and no weapons. What would you eat?


Let's say you come up on a nest and there are 4 eggs there. Could you eat them right then and there?  Most people say that eating raw eggs is gross and they gag when they do try.

Eggs in their natural state are disgusting to us. There is a reason for this.

Your body is giving you every indication that this is not your food. If it was you would love eating it raw instead of trying to gag to get it out!

The fact that we alter the egg to consume it doesn't really change the fact that it is naturally not our food.

One thing that I strongly believe and that I wish to impress most upon people is that our food should not hurt us in any way, ever.

When someone says that the benefits of eating something far outweighs the dangers, I know that they are not talking about food. Eggs fit into that category.

For more information on the natural human diet I recommend these books:

11 Comments on “Are eggs bad for cholesterol?

  1. 100% agree. We are not meant to eat eggs. We are not meant to drink other animals milk either. I like to hear your thoughts on this…

    1. Thank you! It is refreshing to meet like minded people. Thank you for the milk suggestion, I think I will tackle that tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    I have been studying nutrition for a while now and I have to say, it is incredible hard to answer the question what a healthy diet is nowadays. Information is contradicting left and right. We use to believe that cholesterol is very bad for people and now we are thinking it is not after all. Well I think cholesterol is not bad at all when in moderation. Accodring to Dr. Mercola, we actually need cholesterol in order to help Vitamin D absorption. So very low cholesterol is bad as well as high cholesterol… Check this guy out, he has some great info!


    1. I think its interesting that the amount that we need in our diet is the amount found in tender leafy greens and fruits! Like someone planned it that way 😉

  3. Very interesting article here and I understand both sides of the argument. I was once vegan for reasons you laid out here. But I just couldn’t do it for other personal reasons. It just didn’t work for me. Whether your are vegan or not, finding what works for you is the most important thing. My wife is still vegan and we manage to have different food preference and it works! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you! One thing that I have learned is that my job is just to give you the information, its up to you what you do with it.
      My hope is that you and your wife will try a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow! 🙂 You can do that no matter what type of diet you have, right?

  4. Yes Charlie, eggs are not our natural food. They are meant to be a living being if you allow nature to take its course.

    I’ve been eating a plant based diet since 1969 – no meat, no fish, no eggs. Yep, I’m no longer a spring chicken by the calendar, but you’d never know it by my sprightly step.

    What about cheese? Does that impact our cholesterol? I became vegan 4 years ago so now I don’t take dairy anymore.
    How about some research on dairy and cholesterol?

    BTW, you’ve got a great looking site. Clearly, you’re putting in a lot of good work on this blog.

    1. Hey PJ, thanks again for commenting. Dr. McDougall actually has a lot to say about cheese but I can wrap pretty much all of it up with the following statement he makes quite often. Cheese is putrefied proteins and rancid carbs and we love it. That doesn’t seem right does it? It’s amazing what we have come to accept in our society as food.

      As far as the cholesterol I just wanted to explain what it is and how we have a hard time getting rid of it when we eat to much. There is all kinds of debates out there as you well know. I just want to present the information in a way which gets people to think about it for themselves.

      Thank you for the kind compliment 🙂

  5. Applying the naked diet theory. Does that mean that certain types of fish are okay to eat and others are not? The reason I ask is because some types of fish are safe and appetising when raw whilst others are not.

    Thanks for the interesting read. Really made me reconsider my view on eggs – although they do taste lovely when cooked!


    1. Hi Hannah, thank you for the questions. In regards to fish, I don’t think they are something that we would eat naturally. First they are extremely difficult to catch. They are very slimy and slippery and would slip right through our fingers. Then if we were able to catch it, could we hold on to it? Would you be able to bite into it while its flapping to get away?

      Do you really like the taste and smell of raw fish? I wonder why people always complain about the smell of fish and then turn around and eat it. My guess is that we don’t like the smell and taste because our body is telling us that it’s just not our food.

      I also hold a certificate from Dr. Sears which I do not promote that I have. But Dr. Sears still promotes eating fish but he warns his patients to not eat it to often because of the dangers of Mercury. I can’t really speak for anyone else but I am really not interested in putting things in my mouth that I have to be worried whether I am going to be poisoned or not.

      Thanks again for the comment!

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