How to lose stubborn belly fat?


Is it really possible to lose stubborn belly fat? Of course but the answer doesn't lie in a pill or exercise program. But yet we keep trying don't we? Product after product hits the shelves with promises of that ultra bikini waist for just $19.99!

Here's the skinny on fat. Fat is the metabolic dollar saved for a future date that never comes. Yep, fat is energy stored for future use when there is a lack of food. The big problem here is that we never run out of food!

Your body stores fat closest to where it can access it the quickest which is around your organs. Then it gets stored where you are predetermined to store it. What do I mean? Have you ever heard of body types? A apple shaped person has a big upper body and skinny legs making them look like a apple. A banana would be a thin person and a pear would be a person who stores their extra energy in their legs.

The fat comes off in the reverse order it was put on!

If you want to get rid of belly fat you are going to have to get the other fat off first! Sorry but there is no easy way around it. You can do sit ups until you are blue in the face it just means when the fat finally comes off you are going to have some nice looking 'big' abs!

First thing to do to start seeing those abs is stop eating the fat! Again, sorry but nothing turns to fat faster than fat. So it makes since to stop eating it if you want it to go away. As a matter of fact this one thing alone could be enough for most people to lose a lot of fat and see those abs they so longingly wish to see!

Next start eating foods that fuel your body!

When you eat the proper foods your body doesn't drive you crazy making you hungry all the time. Why? Because you are giving it what it needs! When you give your body what it needs it does amazing things, weight loss is just a side effect of how great you are going to feel!

Enjoy 1 to 2 Super Simple Smoothies each day and enjoy meals from books like these:

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  1. Hi Charley! Like you, I agree that eating healthy, real food is the easiest, most effective way to feel good and lose weight. After having twins, my middle section (aka belly) was my most stubborn problem area, and it wasn’t until I started eating cleaner that I began to see changes. I did begin to incorporate green smoothies last summer and noticed visible changes to my skin and fingernails, which was very encouraging. I also noticed, though, that with all the exercise I was doing, the smoothies left me feeling hungry when I attempted to drink them as a meal supplement during the day. Are there any particular fruits or veggies that are known to either curb hunger or make you feel fuller longer? Would you recommend doing less exercise to succeed with your plan?

    1. Carmen, thank you for the comment! If you are feeling hungry I am guessing that you just didn’t eat enough. Most people underestimate how much of a smoothie they should drink. This is actually one of the reasons I created the challenge kit. It helps people understand how many calories they need and helps them to determine how many calories they need in their smoothies.

      I lost 60 lbs in 2 months sitting behind a desk drinking 2 of my smoothies a day. What I tell people is that you don’t have to worry about exercising, when your body is ready you will feel like moving. When you do, do something you like to do! Simple 🙂

  2. Charley,
    I have reviewed a couple of your pages and will have to try a few green smoothies to see if they will help me with my diabetes. I also am having trouble with my weight now that I am 50 years old and diabetic. I have been diabetic for 42 years and have type 1 diabetes.
    Maybe just eating better would help me and get some of the weight off.
    I was not aware that eating eggs is really not a great idea. I will have to check that out a bit more since I like many different ways eggs are made. I really like egg salad! That could be a problem since it has mayo.
    If you have any suggestions about how I should eat and what I should do to lose weight, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions on this matter.
    I will need to read more of your pages and see what else you have to say about my issues.

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for the comment. My sister also has type 1 diabetes since she was 13 so you would think I would know all about it but sadly I don’t. My sister and I parted late in our teen years. I do know that there are reports of type 1 being cured with a plant based whole food diet. I don’t think too many people believe it though.

      Our bodies can mend skin, overcome disease, cure cancer when we give it what it needs to do the job. Why would we think that the body wouldn’t heal a organ it needs to survive? Oh that’t right because some doctor told us it was impossible! I know a lot of doctors to be wrong.

      I would recommend reading Dr. Grahams book ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’. Chapter 2 talks all about diabetes. I do know that in his 25 years of treating people he has never had a negative result from feeding his clients a fruit dominant whole food plant based diet.

  3. Hi there Charley

    Very interesting article and thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I agree that we need to stop eating fat to lose fat. Apart from losing fat you just feel more energetic when you eat healthy and you do not get hungry easily so it also gives you that positive feeling about your body and healthy living in general.

    There is however a South African scientist Professor Tim Noakes who does not agree with us and is under investigation for his recommendations. I do not know if you are familiar with him. He appeared in court yesterday. What is your take on him?

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Helen for the comment. I have never heard of Professor Tim Noakes before. I don’t really spend time with the news and health, I already know its bad out there. I focus on being positive and being an example. I spend my time reaching out and I try really hard to never give energy to negative things. Please try a smoothie and come back and tell everyone what you think!

  4. Great article on how to lose belly fat. I have had a problem with loosing my belly fat since I had my daughter 26 years ago. My mother has been drinking smoothies every morning for a couple years now for breakfast. After reading a few of your posts, it has given me the encouragement i needed to start my day as well with a smoothie for breakfast as well.

    I also think I am going to go ahead an order your three day diet plan, so I can get a head start.

    Thank you for sharing this great information. I look forward to reading more of your posts and pages.

    Kinda Bush

    1. Thank you for the kind comments! I am sorry that you are having trouble inputting information in, I will look into that. I am going to check your site out too. Thanks again!

  5. Belly fat is indeed the most stubborn fat – your fat will leave first everywhere else in your body and your belly fat will be the last fat that’s left. A healthy diet and a exercise can make wonders in getting rid of that stubborn belly fat (and finally getting that 6 pack)!

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