Is almond milk good for you?


What an ingenious idea to create a milk substitute with a nut! almond milk good for you?

Well yes and  no and here is why:

Yes because almonds are a healthy fat for us. Almonds are actually fruit.

No because although these fats are healthy for us consuming these in milk form makes it easy to consume too many extra calories and fat. 

In our natural state it would take us time to collect and eat these.

Now we can go to the store and buy large ready to eat bags. Too much of a good thing could be a bad thing. 

I am guessing that the only reason that someone came up with this replacement drink is because people are starting to realize that cows milk is some of the worst stuff humans can consume.

Let me explain it to you like this: 


When was the last time you had the urge to get on your hands and knees and suck on a cows tit to drink her milk?

My guess is never. The mere thought of this is disgusting to us, it may even make you gag.

This is your body telling you not to do this, this is not for you!

But if they put it in a bottle and you buy it at the store, no problem right? Wrong! Cows milk is an absolutely perfect food if you are a calf, but for humans it is a ton of stuff that we just don't need. 

Cows milk is designed to turn a 60 lb calf into a 1,000 lb animal in about a year.

What do you think it does to a human body?

Milk is loaded with fat and as Dr. McDougall frequently says "The fat you eat is the fat you wear!"


Have you ever heard of the saying 'taking milk from a baby?'

A cow will not produce milk unless she has given birth to a calf.

If your drinking the milk, what is the calf drinking?

If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating, I recommend these books:

5 Comments on “Is almond milk good for you?

  1. I always thought almond milk was good for me! I don’t drink it much these days as I try to drink more water but I used to drink it as a substitute for milk. When reading the nutritional facts on the almond milk carton, it has 30 calories per servings and a few grams of carbs. Ok so almond milk has fat in it but is it that bad? Aren’t they healthy fats?
    Thanks for your post, it has made me think about almond milk and whether it is good for me!

    1. Dinh, Almond milk is a excellent substitution for real milk. Anything is really. What I was trying to get people to realize is that just because its healthy we have to watch the way we consume it. They do have a lot of fat (over 50%) which is why it can be used as a milk substitute because milk is mostly fat too. I know there are milks out there with low calories and fat but most range in the 60 to 90 calorie range for a small glass (8 oz).

      In our society businesses isolate one benefit from a ‘food’ and sale you on the idea that you need it and lots of it. They even go so far as to get the government to agree with them so they can tell everyone that they need this isolated benefit. Now you have a society that believes that they NEED these things which of course are detrimental to us because they are not food that was designed for us. Want to see how effective these companies are? Answer these:
      Where do we get our Calcium?
      Where do we get our protein?

      These are just 2 isolated things that we need but not anywhere in the quantities that they are telling us. Oh and your answers, I’m guessing, Milk and Meat? Am I right? Neither of these are our natural foods and are the main cause for most if not all the sickness in our world.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Nice article Charley:) I absolutely agree with you that milk is not good for our body…. It is ok for small children but older people can hardly digest lactose and as you said it contains lot of animal fat and also it’s acidic for our body.. I slightly disagree on Almond milk but it probably depends what kind of Almond milk it is.. I live in the UK and buy Alpro unsweetened almond milk which is the best substitute for milk… It contains only 13kcal/ 100ml and only 1.1grams of fat.. so one cup daily is absolutely fine 🙂 It has healthy fat and is alkaline 😉

    1. Hi Iveta, thanks for the comment!

      You have me confused, you agree that milk is not good for us but then say it is ok for children? It is quite possible that dairy products are the most dangerous ‘foods’ to humans that we ever thought to consume. Children take 18 years to reach adult hood, their organs and body functions cant handle the bombardment that dairy gives as they are trying to grow. Which is why you see our children gets sicker younger. I could fill a page with the diseases that are caused by dairy.

      Dr. McDougall often says that if the world stopped consuming dairy today, tomorrow the hospitals would be empty.

      Why did you only give calories for 100ml? There are 236ml in a cup.

      I really think almond milk is an excellent substitute for milk in every way. I think its actually better than eating the ‘nuts’ too because it is much easier to choke down a handful of almonds, whereas that same handful would make a gallon of almond milk. What I am really trying to convey is that even though it is a healthy fat we need to enjoy them in the amounts that we would if we were to find them in nature. I would imagine a small handful (1/2 cup) a day, about the same for avocados and other healthy fats. It really comes down to listening to our bodies. When your hungry eat, and when your not, don’t.

      Thank you for mentioning alkaline, I find a very interesting how all of our natural food is alkaline and everything that is not hurts us. Thank you again for commenting, I love the interaction!

  3. Hi Charley, thank you for your comment back and sharing your opinion… I still don’t think that dairy is really sooo bad… Yes, it’s not good but there are many more things which are worse than dairy… like sugar! You are right, the problem is definitely in the amount of consumed dairy, as well as gluten and sugar or meat and processed food and also a lack of natural food like veg, fruit and legumes. Nuts are great but as you said only 1tbsp or small handful max. daily and not the whole packet of salted peanuts! (lol :D).. The same with almond milk..great substitute for normal milk but 1 cup daily is enough! 😉
    Your website looks great 😉 I will read more of yours articles soon!

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